Thursday, April 9, 2009

Asian celebrity hairstyle for 2009

    Asian celebrity hairstyle - Stefanie Sun hairstyle
    Stefanie Sun short red hair style Stefanie Sun short pink hair style
    Stefanie Sun is a Singaporean singer-songwriter. She has sold over 10 million copies of her albums during the span of her career thus far . Most of her songs are sung in Mandarin, with a few in English. Sun's ability to speak various dialects is reflected in the songs she sings. I love her songs very much.
    Look at this picture, Stefanie Sun with that cool short red haicuts, full of energy. What a sunshine girl .haha

    Sunshine hair styleSunshine hairstyle Yep, the one with short hair style looks full of energy
    Asian celebrity hairstyle Wanner be a sunshine girl? cut your hair short and dye some sunshine color.
    Emm, dear, wanner copy this post to your site again??

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Asian celebrity hairstyle for 2009

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