Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cute Short Hair

    If you have short and curly hair, you may find it very difficult to manage it. However, there are certain techniques by using which you can tame your short hair without using harsh chemicals or a time-consuming trip to a hair salon. Yes, that’s true! It is possible get picture-perfect hair that shines, bounces back, and looks perfectly healthy. This can be done if you use a superior -quality hair straightener.

    If you are confused whether you should go for a ceramic, Tourmaline, or an Infrared hair straightener, and also about the size you should choose as per your hair type, this article would definitely resolve all your queries.

    To get best results, you should go for a hair straightener that produces ions when heated. The hair straighteners coated with ceramic or tourmaline for the hot plates produce negative ions on heating, and thus gives your hair a smooth and relaxing look. You can choose to ignore the claims made by infrared hair straighteners, as there is nothing special about them except for their high price.

    If you are now wondering about the size of the hair straightener to be used, it completely depends on your hair type. Yes, you should choose the plate size of the hair straightener as per the texture of your hair and its length. So, if you have coarse, thick, long hair, which you need to straighten by using a hair straightener, you should choose a plate size of 1.5 to 3 inches. You can reduce the size of the plates to 1.25 inches if you have short hair with similar texture.

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Cute Short Hair

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