Saturday, October 10, 2009

Emo Haircuts

    Emo haircuts also known as emo scene haircuts are the buzzword of this fashion season as more and more girls and even boys are taking to this new trend. As the style gains popularity and crosses the punk fashion borders to enter the mainstream fashion world, different emo haircuts for teens have become the rage of the season. So, what is it about this signature teen hairstyle that makes it a favorite among them and young women wanting to change their look? Well, emo haircuts for girls are not just hairstyles, they are a way of life. These allow women to express their individuality and use their hairstyle as a featured creative accessory. The term 'emo' itself has its roots in the word 'emotional' and is adopted by teenagers and youth to express their edgy, emotional frame of mind. These hairstyles, unlike the rebellious expression of scene haircuts, actually seek to convey an outward expression of the creativity and individuality of young people.Although, there are a range of cute emo haircuts for girls, most of them have those characteristic long fringes or bangs, swept sideways across the face and the use of bold highlights that is in contrast to the traditional deep black hair color. The razor straight hair is usually cut along asymmetrical lines in angular or pointy shapes. This creates shattered, jagged edges and a pointy look. For straightening your hair, you can use hot iron or pomade. However, the most significant thing that shapes the hot emo haircuts for girls is your personality. So, if you are one of those girls aspiring to get the cool emo look, here are some haircut styles and ideas to help you on your way.

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Emo Haircuts

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