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Long Haircuts for Men

    There are plenty of men's hairstyles to chose from most men prefer their short hairstyles because they are less troublesome and easier to take care of. That is probably why short hairstyles like crew cuts are some of the most popular hairstyles worn by men. Unlike medium length and longer hairstyles, short hairstyles usually will look good on everyone and open your facial features more.

    Men's short hair cuts will range from very short, a buzz cut, to short 1 to 1 and a half inches long that is spiked or arranged flowing around. New great short hairstyles for men include Wentworth Miller, the star of the show Prison Break, whose buzz hair cut matches everything from a prison uniform to a v-neck sweater. Other short hairstyles for men include short caesar cut(Russell Crow in Gladiator) and crew cuts(Brad Pitt). Men's short hair cuts allow easy care and quick fixing.

    Men's Medium Hair Cuts

    A medium hair cut is perfect for any occasion, requires a little fixing, but always provides a great look because of the variety of styles each cut can evolve to. There are many guys with medium length haircuts including celebrities like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. The medium hair cut allows more variety as to what can be done with hair including split down the middle, waved to one side, or just a messy bed head style.

    Men with middle length hair cuts will find that there is a bigger range of styles by slighlty growing otu the hair a little more or cutting down a bit. The abundance of medium hair length styles gives almost anyone a chance to try a different look by adjusting just a little bit. Different medium hair cuts include Tom Cruise's styles in Jerry Mcguire,Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, and of course one of our favorite looks, Matt Damon in most of his movies. As you can see the variety of medium length hair cuts for men is as different as it is numerous so there is a lot of room to experiment.

    Long Haircuts for Men

    Most men who try out long hair cuts will quickly find that it takes alot of care to keep the style looking great and there are not too many long hairstyles that will look great on you. Long hair cuts seem to look best on specific facial shapes and styles. That is why a long hair cut will not look good on every guy. Long hair cuts also take alot more time grooming with hair care products like pomade, sprays, and other gels to keep them sleek or for that bed head look.

    Long hair cuts offer some variety with how the hair is done, the style of the hair, as well as how the bangs cover the face. Long hair styles have changed from sleek looks to bed head looks to bangs partly covering the face and then to bangs parted from the facial area. Long hair cuts looks that are currently hot include Owen Wilson, Bono of U2 Fame, and a slightly shorter, long hairstyle of Tom Welling. Each is a different type with Bono being sleek and Owen being more frizzled. Tom Welling's hair cut is just long enough to be counted as a long hair style. Long hair cuts can look rather fashionable on the right faces with the right looks bu just be ready to take great care of yoru hair and invest in some hair care products. Nothing kills a hair style more than dead hairs sticking all over the place.

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Long Haircuts for Men

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